The Cause Conference Is a Gathering of Next Generation Leaders Who Are Dedicated to Building the Local Church, Encountering God, and Seeing God Dreams Come to Life.

Hosted by Pastors Kyle & Liz Turner

We are so excited to officially announce the launch of the very first Cause Conference! We have been praying and dreaming about this conference for many years, and this year we will finally get to see our God dream come to life! We believe that God is wanting to bust through the limitations holding back His church this year as we step into what no eye has seen. We know that this calling expands beyond just the Cause Church and Kansas City, but reaches out through our entire nation.

It would be our greatest honor to have you join us for Cause Conference this November! It will be an opportunity for us to encounter Jesus in a brand new way, and we are going to learn and grow together like never before. We are believing that every limitation that has held you back from your God-given destiny, dreams, and potential will be lifted off your life, and that Heaven would truly be the limit for your ministry, your business, and your family. 

We can’t wait to see you this November!

Kyle & Liz Turner

Conference Speakers


Hillsong church
Brian Houston


Hillsong NYC
Carl lentz


City Light Church
Jabin chavez


executive director of arc
Dino Rizzo


lifepoint church
daniel Floyd
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